Swedish designer eyewear and sunglasses


How Vasuma Was Born

Vasuma eyewear was created by three friends in 2005. Jan Vana, Lars Malmsten and Steffen Sundelius set out to create an alternative eyewear brand to challenge the traditional label brands. Offering eyewear inspired from the best of the vintage eras of the 50s and 60s spiced with a modern twist. All mixed in the blender together with inspiration from popular culture to create eyewear that enhances the wearer’s own identity and personality.

Eyewear is based in the old town of Stockholm. Warehouse, show-room and office all fits in the four storeys high 15th century townhouse just a block away from the swedish royal castle.

Our Eyewear

Vasuma eyewear consists of a collection unisex spectacles and sunglasses. As a tribute to everyone who has ever been bullied for his or her visual defect and been called ”glasögonorm” (the swedish term for ”four eyes” and also the actual swedish name for the spectacled cobra snake), we have chosen to name our models after snakes. In short, Vasuma is the revenge of the glasögonorm”. 


Sweden is a very creative country with lots of talent. Every season Vasuma pairs up with another brand to collaborate and share thoughts and visions to create something spectacular.

There's been a couple of collaborations over the years; Save the Children Foundation, Daniel Adams Ray (artist), Sandqvist (swedish bag brand), Carin Wester (swedish fashion brand), Deadwood Leather (swedish leather brand).